how did everything start andWhat have we done so far...

talkingEFL was officialy born in August 1st, 2018. However, technically speaking everything started with Fabiana Muliterno presenting at BrazTesol International Conference in Caxias do Sul and Rodrigo Correia, as a minder, interviewing Veruska Gallo on the experience of being a minder.

The main idea was to connect the ELT community with good stories and good practices and now we are proud of what we have built this far. Two months later, Lenora Haranaka joined the team with amazing contributions! After Arthur Médici, having passed with his brilliance, now it is time for Thais Olivieri form a powerful quartet!  

5 E-Magazines

We have already issued 5 e-magazines. 3 What Went On and 2 Women's Day.

1 Online Event

In January 2020, we offered an online event for more than 240 participants with 3,3 hours of content.

13,7K views on YouTube

Our YouTube channel offers 39 videos on different topics. Visit us here.

Would you like to team up in any way. An e-magazine, an online event or something else

We will be glad to talk to you.