Women's Day 2019

In 2019, talkingEFL decided to honour all women in the ELT community. Everything started with a series of 10 videos, posted on our YouTube channel, featuring: Yvelize Wielewicki, Danielle Hersey, Raquel Ribeiro, Karina Nazzari, Ilá Coimbra, Isabela Villas Boas, Dani You, Marcela Cintra and Natália Guerreiro.

In addition to that, we invited another great group of women to write for an e-magazine to top their month off. They are: Lenora Haranaka, Fabiana Muliterno, Laura Zonta, Elizabeth Miranda, Dye or Die, Andreia Zakime, Érica Nunes and Rachel Bardy.

See here our link to the playlist: Playlist Women’s Day

Click on the button down below to download the e-magazine.