Women in ELT 2020

For the second edition, talkingEFL decided that not only guests would publish their articles, but also every women who wish to have their texts printed to the magazine. We received a great deal of texts and the magazine brings texts by: Mirela Ramacciotti, Carmen Foltran, Lizika Goldschleger, Gabriela Fróes, Christina Riego, Catarina Pontes, Lucy Crichton, Carol Gonçalves Manoel, Louise Emma Potter, Bruna Caltabiano, Dina H. Dargham, Karin Heuert Galvão, Cláudia Rant, Júlia Luchiari Fioretti, Viviane Kirmeliene, Manu Marques, Viviane Silva, Júlia Name Lima, Rosana Marinho, Carolina G. da Silva, Marina Figueiredo Fioravante and Fernanda Sanchez.

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