Arthur Médici


Arthur has dreamt of being a teacher since he was 9 years of age – he even came up with his own game called “I teach, you learn”, which he kept playing by himself after his sister’s class was dismissed. A while ago, his dream finally came true and he has been teaching for roughly 10 years and counting.

His professional portfolio includes teaching 8 year olds onwards in various educational settings (Hogwarts remains unchecked, but he remains optimistic). He has had the pleasure of being surrounded by the kindest, most supportive peers, supervisors, and students who nudged him towards an unquestionably worthwhile career path. Currently self-employed, he now works exclusively with teaching English online to teenagers and adults.

He holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Psychology with emphasis in education as well as a CPE and a CELTA. He has experience with translating, reviewing, and editing scientific manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals in Psychology and a keen interest in educational research and curriculum design.

Finally, he told me to say it is a pleasure to meet you!

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