The month of July had been an exciting one, hands down. We had an amazing 16th BrazTesol Conference in Caxias do Sul and now we are very close to a very productive and inspirational day in September.

On the 7th of that month we will have the Sao Paulo’s edition of BRELT on the Road! A great initiative from a Facebook community that has become one of the most important ones when it comes to ELT discussions in this Country.

BRELT on the Road will be held at the premises of Colégio Emilie de Villeneuve and it will gather a golden group of guest speakers to make this day even more important: Natália Guerreiro, Mark Hancock, Higor Cavalcante, Claire Venables and Vinícius Nobre.

In one single day we are going to be exposed to a set of different formats such as: talks, workshops, show and tell and more.

As usual, our partner Fabiana Muliterno will be there sharing her experience and knowledge about giving feedback. If you want to know more about the event, visit BRELT and if you haven’t registered yet, please click here!

See you next time!

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