Hello World! That’s what it says the sample opening post for any WordPress blog template you choose as to be your own. We don’t want to be that bold and believe that in the very beginning the blog would be reaching computers outside our frontiers here in Brazil. On the other hand, the main idea is to contribute somehow to EFL/ELT/TESOL communities by sharing our own experiences and promoting experiences from our peers.
This blog is an attempt at publishing on a monthly basis web or face to face interviews – to be posted in our YouTube channel – with influential or relevant people in the EFL community, here in Brazil and everywhere in the world where something important and worth sharing is happening. In addition, regular posts with classroom activities, studies and tip shall be published whether by us – Fabiana Muliterno and Rodrigo Correia – or friends/peers that will certainly be invited to contribute here.
In our Instagram channel, we will be sharing adverts on the authors participation in conferences, workshops or any other event alongside with language tips and vocabulary, yes, we are that kind of people. Everything posted on Instagram will be shared in our Facebook and Twitter profiles.
We have no intention to gain anything from the blog except the joy of sharing and contributing to other people’s work. We are just two crazy teachers in love with our jobs, trying to make something more out of our love for our professions.
We sincerely hope that you enjoy reading whatever we publish. Feel free to make comments, suggestions and any criticism you feel like doing.
Sincerely yours,
Fabiana Muliterno and Rodrigo Correia

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