I remember my first day at a major language center. As I entered the building, people were walking around, either having a chat in English or anxiously checking their watches to rush into class. That atmosphere immediately had an enormous impact on me: I needed to become a part of that team. I was already an English teacher, but my formative years were spent on smaller English schools, so going to study at such a renowned school was a dream come true for a language enthusiast like myself.
Nowadays, I work for this school, and I caught myself thinking: what drives me to stay here? What is it that makes me keep working here for the past 7 years? Of course, I am not even going to mention that professionals here are rewarded for their hard work, but the aim of my reflection goes to a different direction. It is all about the people, the professionals who surround me.
Social behaviour goes beyond any titles a professional might have. It lies on the empathy s/he has towards their peers, their reaction in times of needs, how the team improves as a group. To me, admiration goes hand in hand with the professional’s capability of keeping humble, even detaining a number of certificates and having specializations. It is specially on the awareness that they still have much to learn or to contribute to the community. I consider myself extremely lucky to belong to a team which has these characteristics.

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