I’m Fabi and at this very moment I am on my Day 2 of the 12th ABCI conference in Foz do Iguaçu. This event is a conference which happens biannually gathering teachers from all Culturas Inglesas around Brazil, sharing practices, networking and of course, reflecting on our own teaching.

I could write about the magnificent venue we are in, which is a hotel / conference complex that offers the best accommodation for this occasion, I could write about the warm and helpful people I have the luck to be surrounded by, but the aim of this text is to share a first impression of the talks I had the pleasure to watch so far.

My day 1 started with an excelent and extremely relevant talk by Ana Clara Klein and Fabricio Cruz, on the “Demand High” discussions applied in class, followed by Giovanna Meneguetti sharing her experiences with the implementation of an extensive coaching program in Maringá. I have already presented my talk as well, bringing my own experience with differentiated feedback in writing (phew, it’s over, LOL). Obviously, after a long day, me and my colleagues had a long and amazing dinner at a very cozy restaurant called Castelo Libanes. Highly recommend it.

And it is not over!!!

Day 2, and we hit the ground running with a brilliant plenary session by Jamie Keddie, a deep and very necessary reflection on how to construct a more cientifically-based presentation by our very own Marcelo Dalpino and we are closing our very productive morning with a brilliant workshop on PBL lessons by Adriano de Paula Souza.

Think of an excited teacher!

If you happen to be around here in Foz, and you are also as excited as I am, talk to us! The TalkingEFL team has a pin on the badge like the one below. You can’t miss!

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