Let´s talk a little grammar, shall we? What is a verb? According to the Cambridge dictionary, a verb is a word that describes an action, condition or experience. Now, let´s choose a verb and analize it.”To share”. What does it mean? Again, according to the Cambridge dictionary, one of the meanings of “to share” is “to tell someone else about your thoughts, feelings, ideas, etc”.

Some people find it very difficult to share. Sharing demands commitment, work, openess to criticism, dealing with other people, exposing oneself, showing feelings, ideas, abilities (or lack thereof). Sharing demands us to be a little more human, to look ahead instead of looking down, to reach outside instead of reaching within.But then, sharing is also magical. It can be something as simple as telling a friend that you liked her new haircut, or telling a fellow teacher about an activity that worked really well in classroom.It can also be something that makes your heart race, when that special person is interested in knowing how your day was and worries about you and you do the same.

To share should be the most important verb in our lives. Personal and professional. In ELT is not different. The thing is, I have the feeling that, as ELT professionals we are greedy sometimes, keeping our good practices,activities, problem solving abilities to ourselves, when there are lots fellow peers out there facing so many problems and thinking about quitting their dreams. We can do so much more by simply being there to help a novice teacher, to offer our experiences as a model, to enrich other professional´s lives and to ultimately be better professionals ourselves.

We can share in so many different ways! We can go online, taking part in english teaching communities in social media, we can share our practices in teacher´s meetings or training sessions. Taking part of conferences as a speaker or attendant, listening to other people´s problems and offering ideas or simple saying “I know how you feel”.

Although being difficult sometimes, sharing means we care. Sharing means we want a better education for our students, for our teachers. Let´s look ahead, not down. Let´s look at other people´s eyes, not screens. Let´s do more, be more, share more.
Because sharing is caring.

Julian Camargo has over 15 years of experience in English Language Teaching. He is currently a language school coordinator. He is passionate about teaching and professional development. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Languages from Uninove, TKT, CELTA and Train the Trainer from Cambridge English. His hobbies include video games, reading and music.


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