This past weekend was quite special as I had the opportunity to be around wonderful people that are together doing an amazing and relevant work. On Friday I had the chance to see the morning sessions of the Voices SIG for LGBTQIA+ and on Saturday I carried out an important online session with Cintia Rodrigues, one of the co-founders of the SIG.

Attending Voices SIG for LGBTQIA+ Educators as Agents of Change, just for the morning sessions, was a fascinating experience as I could see how passionate and engaged these people are, besides having the chance of participating in two very special moments. Cintia opened the day with a powerful plenary showing our current scenario for women and lgbtqia+ people and therefore, giving us a hard-hitting view of how privilege or the lack of it could impact one’s life.

After that I had the chance of attending Isabelita Peixoto’s talk: Visual Literacy in ELT: Conveying messages critically. Isabelita conveyed a potent message, raising our awareness of how biased our choice of images for defining vocabulary and grammar can be. That session is a real wake up call to all of us, as we tend to select the images that are first offered to us via books or search tools, without much consideration of the hidden messages behind them.

With a lifted spirit I went to work even more convinced that we have made the right choice of inviting Cintia for our first live session and when Saturday came I was as nervous as I could possibly be. I did not want to have any problems, I wanted Cintia to get her message across without any disturbances. And so she did, Cintia shared stories and decoded the acronym LGBTQIA+, as well as she gave us some important insights on how the teacher should act in class to promote a safe environment for students.

Cintia Based her session on the Safe Space Kit by GLSEN that you can find here. Please watch the video of the online session below:

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