When you change jobs and start fresh new in another company – and here i am taking a very personal view – you might want to get to know people and try fast to understand who are the ones you should pay attention to.

It didn’t take any longer for me to understand that Lenora Haranaka was one of those people that we should pay attention to. More than that, she is that kind of person and teacher that I always look up to. Since then we ended up participating in concurrent projects and experiences along with Fabi Muliterno, which brought us a little closer.

When Fabi and I started Talking EFL we must confess that, although we have high standards in terms of how the blog should be or perform, we would never thought that all the good things that are happening to us would come that fast.

After participating in the 16th BrazTesol International Conference and now BRELt on the road 2018 – SP Edition, we managed to add to our team a person that we dearly look up to! Talking EFL is just 3 months old when you think of its inception, but it has been online for just 38 days.

We now, proudly and happily announce that Lenora Haranaka, ICELT and DELTA holder, mentor and coach who has written for important media such as Richmond Share and English Teaching Professional is a member of the Talking EFL team!

Please welcome Lenora and wait for what is to come!!!!




  1. Rodrigo, dearest, Thank you so very much for such kind welcoming words! I’m truly excited to be part of this project, and also thankful for the opportunity! Looking forward to what’s coming 😉 !!! Bjos Gigantes!!!

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