What Went on BRELT On the Road 2018

Today is certainly a big day for us here at Talking EFL! Our main aim has always been to share what is relevant to our teaching community whether through videos, posts or publications such as the one we are offering to you right now.

The objective of this particular issue is not only to share our impressions with the ones who were attending BOR2018, but also to give the same opportunity to the ones who could not make it to the event. We sincerely hope that all the effort and devotion we put in this project can be seen in every word you read.

We must finish this post with some very special thanks to Beatriz Solino, who generously volunteered to help us in this endeavor writing two beautiful pieces, the first one about Júlio Vieitas’ talk and the second one on Alice Turibio’s session. Second, we must thank all the BrELT moderators, especially to Eduardo de Freitas and Thiago Veigga for the support and encouragement.

Well, this is for you! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did producing it. Please find the booklet below for download and feel free to share it.


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