After the massive success of the first What Went On- BrELT on the Road Edition and later on, our special edition for Women’s Day. We could not leave such a relevant conference such as TESOL Southern Cone, behind.

The objective of this issue is to share impressions of talks and workshops with everyone, giving the same opportunity to teachers who could not make it to the event. We sincerely hope that all the effort and devotion we put in this project can be seen in every word you read. Needless to say, writing conference reports is hard work and for that reason we decided to invite teachers from all over the country to give us a helping hand.

Now it is time to sincerely thank Cris Rossi, Eduardo Bovolento, Eduardo Mazzeu, Fernanda Patucci, Lilian Lara, Marjory Donda, Michelle Hudson Daniel, Milena Mignossi, Taíza lombardi for embarking with us on this journey. Another special thanks to the entire Braz-Tesol team who gave us all the support. Last but not least, a big thanks to all our sponsors for being so nice and supportive.

Well, this is for you! We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did producing it. Please find the booklet below for download and feel free to share it.

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