A special edition to celebrate women in the ELT community.

Throughout the month of March, we have shared videos interviewing special women in our community, in fact we shared 10 amazing videos, featuring Bruna Caltabiano, Danielle Hersey, Dani You, Karina Nazzari, Ilá Coimbra, Isabela Villas Boas, Marcela Cintra, Natália Guerreiro e Yvelize Wielewicki.

In addition to that, we shared three impactful by Heloisa Duarte, Laura Zonta and Rachel Bardy. What you did not know is that within this issue you will also find texts by Amanda Baruchi, Andreia Zakime, Elizabeth Miranda, Erica Vieitas, Fabiana Muliterno and Lenora Haranaka.

Last but not least, the magazine features three free adverts to showcase three different business ran by women: Bold English (Gabriela Fróes), Carol Romano and i-Study (Karin Heuert). We sincerely hope you all enjoy reading this issue as much as we have enjoyed producing it.

Thank you,

Talking EFL Team

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