Last 30th of July, G1 portal posted an article commenting on a survey that has interviewed 2,160 teachers from March to May this year and that the survey found out that 49% of the interviewees do not recommend their own profession to young people.

Interviewees mentioned lack of professional valorisation, wages and recognition as major factors for that conduct. According to the survey, the government fails to provide teachers with opportunities for continuous professional development as well as it fails to offer teachers with better health and psychological conditions.

Quite immediately, posts on social media popped up abundantly with a common question: Would you?

It took me a while before I posted my own answer, as I was doing a considerable amount of thinking, casting my mind back to my professional experience prior to the ELT industry.

Before becoming a teacher I have been to at least three different areas: Transport (project assistant), Banks (Teller) and Analytical Laboratories (product specialist). Based on what I saw, heard and experienced I can affirm with sheer dismay, that in each and every one of them you will find lack of valorisation, disrespect, lack of recognition and so and such… Not just a few times have I seen managers with a 20-year career or more leaving meeting rooms bursting into tears after being exposed with extreme rudeness in front of peers.

I could go on and on here as the list is endless, but I want to conclude this post by answering the question with a massive YES!

Among all the hardships, psychological distress, affliction, tiredness and etc., there is something special in a student’s eyes when s/he learns something that is priceless, there is a lifelong learning opportunity (continuous professional development), there is a sense of belonging when one realises that is part of a community that genuinely cares about other people and more than that; there is a strong sense of purpose and much more. As a bonus, there are summer vacations and gallons and gallons of coffee!

My point here is, be proud of being a teacher! Every professional suffers in a world where money is more important than the individual, we have to make the difference every single day and also make our voices heard through our community. Together we can make it happen, that is what teachers do best!

See you around.




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